Spreading oaks, digging seedlings

Oak saplingsHello, friends. I decided to plant oak trees in my forest. Found where you can dig up young oak trees. This place is located near Vyatka. It’s all in the oaks! Just take a shovel and dig. It turns out that oaks breed here like this – during flood, the river spreads acorns throughout the area. After that, young oak trees sprout on a wide area. Dug out 7 oak trees. To dig even a small oak one needs a full-size shovel. You can’t dig up an oak with a small scoop – its root is too big. In order to go to the oak grove I needed a jumpsuit. In this jumpsuit, I crossed a small river, 8 meters wide, with a maximum depth of 120cm. Spread oaks!

Adult oak
Oak wood
Overalls from a combined-arms protective kit
Overalls from a combined-arms protective kit

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