VHF contests soft

Hello! We bring to your attention the program-log for VHF contests from R4NAF.

The program requires no installation, is written as a 32 bit application tested on Windows 7, 64bit, but also works in other Windows operating systems (2000, 2003, XP, Vista).



  • No installation required, download and run.
  • Easy adjustment of the font size.
  • Not a big size and only 2 file – exe + database (MS Access).
  • Not limited number of competitions.
  • When re-connection, QTH correspondent is inserted automatically.
  • Saving panel sizes, the width of the table columns, the location of windows, etc.
  • Easy data input – the opportunity to work without a “mouse”, the use of standard keys Tab / Enter.
  • Built coloring table columns based on their content.
  • Visual compass showing the azimuth correspondent.
  • Automatic calculation of distance and bearing points when you enter the record.
  • Formation of EDI file in full compliance with the standard. Displaying information in Win1251 encoding.
  • Generating links maps using Google Map service.
  • With ties cards can easily go to this link to get more information on the call sign.
  • The program is a non-profit, there is no restriction in the work free of charge, no banners, no climbs in the internet.


Download (1,7 mb) version 1.5 dated January 5, 2016.