Water well washing

Dirty water from a new wellWhen the well was made, it must always be washed. And, it is necessary to wash it for a long time. A few weeks or months. I do not often go to the country. Because of this, I can not normally flush the well. And without supervision, the pump can not be left – water in the well can end in ~ 2 hours of operation. I decided to do automation on two sensors. The level sensors took the car.
The circuit on the three relays is below. The circuit works perfectly. Later I’ll write how the automation works on the spot. By the way, even though the water is dirty, it is safe, it can be used. For this, water should only be defended for 1 day.
Dirty water from a new well
Well equipment
Оборудование скважины
The scheme of automation of the pump on three relays

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