GPS Logger TripMate 850

A small note about the GPS tracker TripMate 850. This logger was purchased about 8 years ago. All this time he works without complaints. You can use it on a hike or on a trip to record a path. The device has a liquid crystal display.

The screen shows:

  • Is there a GPS signal from the satellite
  • Is the coordinate recording
  • the exact time, according to our time zone
  • speed of movement
  • coordinates of the locality
  • height of terrain
  • direction of movement, directions – in Latin letters
  • the remaining battery charge

One drawback of the device is that the batteries sit very quickly. So I had to make an external diet. When you turn on the GPS, the logger finds the satellites in 1-2 minutes. To start recording a track, you need to save the start point. The recording is on an SD card. When connected to a PC, the device can be seen as a normal USB drive.

The conclusion on GPS loggers as a whole – it should be a separate device, working several days without recharging. Smart watches are comfortable, but only a few hours work, which is very small for a hike. They often need to be recharged. For a GPS logger, you can also use an old smartphone, permanently connected to external power.

GPS Logger TripMate 850
GPS Logger TripMate 850
GPS Logger TripMate 850

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