Two more cheap bluetooch headset

wireless bluetooth headsetAfter receiving the first wireless headset last week. Yesterday came another two wireless headsets. It is also not expensive. And that’s what I want to say … these two (B1 and SPORT-BT) is much easier than the first S530. The ear does not get tired, and the battery is more powerful – at longer enough work. More wireless headsets do not wait and buy them no longer going. Enough of these.

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Reliable and cheap knife with his hands

Ready knife

Ready knife

Hello, friends. I want to tell you how I made the knife. This is not the first knife. It’s just a budget and affordable for all knife. Either it can be repeated. For knife needed: Cutter blade 450h32h1.6 steel R6M5. Price of new cloth around $ 6. Two tablets, preferably beech, oak, elm … In my example rosewood (once more bought amaranth and wenge wood is also good).

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Budget wireless headset S530.

Headphones Headset Bluetooth S530

I bought to test wireless Headphones Headset Bluetooth S530 for $ 3. It supports protocols from 1.1 to 4.1. To connect the headset with your smartphone, follow these steps. Charge the headset. Press and hold for 3 seconds the button on the headset. Start flashing red and blue led. At this point, go to the phone and see a list of Bluetooth devices. It should show a device called S530. Connect to this device. In this case you may need to enter a password. Continue reading

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How do I find the variable capacitor for QRP tuner

I have been looking for a miniature variable capacitor for QRP tuner. On sale they are not. A small variable capacitor do not put in the old lamp unit. So … accidentally stumbled upon an exploded transistor receiver. It turns out there is one variable capacitor that I need. The receiver is called “Meridian”.

Receiver Meridian. Production of the USSR.Receiver Meridian. Production of the USSR. Variable capacitor capacitance.

Produced at the Kiev factory “Radiopribor”. Year of my radio – 1971. The next step is the production of miniature QRP tuner (for hiking)!

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Lightweight and portable 12-volt generator

Came posting with a portable generator for 12 volts. The generator, as expected, came “second-hand”. The seller writes about this when buying. generator weighs only 360 grams! It provides voltage. There is no backlash. Later I make out body and see the condition of the gears. In the future, I’ll do it for the handle and body, and try to practice. Weight of the device is very happy! If all is well, the most suitable for hiking!

Initially this device was used as a geared motor, and is used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. But with the “light hand” seller on, it has become a generator.

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Warm fur mittens soldier

Preparing for winter hiking. Today came parcel with mittens. Gauntlets of the soldiers inside the natural sheepskin. Colour green. Released way back in 1989.

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Anatomy of the telegraph key

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